In the serene setting of the Nilgiri Hills and just an hour's drive from Udhagamandalam, Kotagiri is a small resort set among the lush tea estates. Retaining the essence of hill magic and charm, the resort offers year round sylvan charm. Trips to Kodanad View Point, St. Catharine Falls and Rangaswamy Pillar and Peak are worthwhile.Kotagiri is a hiker's paradise, with endless trails and sufficient 'off beat ness'. It is the third largest and the oldest hill station in the Nilgiri's. Like all hill stations in India, this also has had strong presence of the British Raj. The town is fast becoming commercial, with many banks and shopping facilities coming up. It has a Kota temple in the middle of the town, even though the Kota tribes have long moved out, giving it an exotic tribal feel. Kotagiri has one of the best climates in the world. It is more temperate than Ooty, attributed to its altitude of 1984 metres above sea level.

Discover the enchanting hills

Kodanaad View point Otherwise called the Terminus Country, because of its location (perched on the eastern most edge of the Nilgiri's.) From here one can see an entire array of natural processes like rivers Moyar and Bhavani, the Mysore Plateau, Valleys, trenches and also paddy fields.

Elk falls

Even though dry for some months of the year, is worth visiting this place; reason being, it has the first European house built in Nilgris here. Now a ruin, but still is a captivating sight. Another reason is the Badaga settlement, on the road to the falls. Quaint and idyllic, this is a beautiful definition of a tribal village. Great place for anthropology.

Rangaswamy Pillar and Rock

The Rangaswamy peak lies 20 km from Kotagiri. This peak is sacred for Irulas (a tribe), adding mysticism to this natural beauty. Nearby is the Rangaswamy rock, a rock-climbers nightmare. Rising abruptly on all sides to about 400 metres, it is unclimbable.

TirunallarLong Wood Shola

3 km away from the town, it is a wild life reserve. Perfectly peaceful and untouched forest trails are an invitation to serenity seekers. Also a great place for Ornithology.